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    Attacking Fleets


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    Attacking Fleets

    Post  Stryder on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:20 pm

    Alright, it's time for your battles. Let's assume you are using the fleet outlined in the Basic Fleet post. Fighting over an empty astro, start by moving forward your fleet carriers filled with fighters onto the astro. Land and retract your fleet carriers. Then, attack all out with a large fighter wave (use a bit more then your opponent has total). You will smash through their unshielded ships with minimal cost damage to yourself. Ships will only attack ships they can do damage to, thus your fighters will swarm all over those undefended ships. A corvette has x2 a fighters stats yet costs 4 times as much. The cost effectiveness of a fighter is devastating to any foe. Without meat shields, your opponent's fleet is extremely vulnerable and is easy to smash through.

    If your opponent had a large amount of cruisers/HC it may now be time to do a heavy bomber drop. Same thing as the first step mentioned above, but this time with some HB instead of fighters.

    Now, moving in your fleet, the prior outlined fleet composition will utterly devastate the opponent's fleet. It is imperative that you LEAVE CARRIERS AND RECYCLERS OUT OF THE BATTLE. Move to suck up the debris as quickly as possible before moving on. Also, NEVER, EVER use fighters from the hangars of your cruisers or Heavy cruisers to make a drop. If you are going to attack with cruisers/HC they need to be filled with fighters, so make sure you have enough hangar capacity in your carriers/FC or else you'll be hurting big time.

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