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    Tips and Tricks, Handy hints to help you crush the enemy.


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    Tips and Tricks, Handy hints to help you crush the enemy.

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    There are a good amount of known tips, tricks and strategies. So now that we have down the basic fleet composition and basic attack, we should delve a bit deeper.

    A) Cruiser vs Heavy Cruiser

    As written above, the mathematically perfect fleet included both cruisers and heavy cruisers. HOWEVER, it is not always advantageous to attack with both of them in your fleet. In fact, you will usually want to attack while leaving your heavy cruisers OUT. Reason for this? It's simple cost effectiveness. The cost/armor ratio of a heavy cruiser is fairly high, whereas the cost/armor ratio of a fighter/bomber/corvette/destroyer/cruiser is fairly low. Adding a ship (like the HC) to a shot when you don't HAVE to will cause higher losses than if you were to leave them out....EVERY time. In fact, the majority of your attacks that you make should not involve a ship larger than a cruiser for greatest cost effectiveness to minimize your losses. So when do you use cruisers, when do you use HC, and when do you use them both? Here's some situations to come across and what is normally advised:

    Cruiser Situations (leave HC out of your attack fleet)

    1) When attacking a fleet without ships higher than a DN in them
    2) When attacking a base without several layers of planetary shield (if you have thousands or 10's of thousands of cruisers it doesn't matter what the base has, you'll punch through)
    3) When you're NOT going to be able to "one shot" a fleet anyway

    Heavy Cruiser Situations (leave Cruisers out of your attack fleet)

    1) When attacking a fleet that has a very small amount of cruisers & below left AND contains Titans or Leviathans
    2) When you are attacking a base with several layers of planetary shields and you do not have enough firepower without using heavy cruisers to one shot the base. It is almost always better to one shot a base than to take it in 2 shots.

    Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser situations, when you should use BOTH in the same shot

    1) When you want to spread your losses across both classes. There is almost no situation where it is best to mix cr/hc together for simple cost effectiveness. But sometimes, resupplying your fleet is time consuming, so you want to keep it "even" as much as possible. In these cases, it is sometimes best to sacrifice cost effectiveness for spreading the damage across 2 kinds of classes of ship. So if that happens, and you would rather lose a few HC and a few CR instead of losing more of one or the other, use them both and ignore the suggestions above wink.gif

    B ) Shield Rape

    A strategy commonly referred to as "shield rape," is an attack where the shielding value of a player's ships is greater than the attack power of another player's ships. This is one of the greatest attacks you can do, as you will lose very little to none of your own fleet. Larger players can wipe out millions of enemy fleets in single shots while taking zero losses to themselves by using shield rape techniques. So here's some common ones:

    Heavy Cruiser

    The Heavy Cruiser in large numbers will decimate fleets primarily composed of fighters, corvettes or recyclers. This is useful to stop attempting "debris sniping" by enemies while you are sitting on a debris pile. Usually, they will send in small forces of corvettes. Simply pull away everything smaller than a Heavy Cruiser and fire away. You will receive next to no losses, and your enemy will suffer greatly. Do not try to do this on destroyers, you will be a sad panda. Unless you use...


    Same idea as the Heavy Cruiser, but now you can do it to destroyers, bombers and (if their tech is fairly low) Heavy Bombers. A small group of battleships is very frustrating for someone trying to snipe recycler fleets with destroyers, or is excellent for taking out larger fighter waves over a base who's defenses have not yet regenerated.


    Please do not use these in an offensive fleet. Yes, they can shield rape some things, but it's a waste of credits. For real. Dreadnoughts don't do much that can't be handled by either battleships or Titans. If you have Dreadnoughts, Titans shouldn't be far behind anyway. Don't do it, it makes baby Jesus cry.


    These are quite funny, as they can shield rape everything smaller than cruisers and even cruisers themselves in small numbers. Use them when fleets have NO Heavy Cruisers in them, as it takes less than 100 HC to kill a titan in one shot....and that's just sad.


    The mother of all shield rape. A player who knows what they're doing with a dozen leviathans is near unstoppable. Keep in mind that it takes around 600 HC to take down 1 leviathan....JUST ONE!!! So shield raping is quite common with leviathans. Most times, you will try to find a fleet that is off base defenses/cc bonus (usually at a JG somewhere). Leviathans are very useful in "crashing" another guild's JG.

    If the fleet has less than 600 HC, and not much larger than an HC, it can be taken down with just straight leviathans. But that is hard to find, so usually players will add extra ships in for armor to "soften the blow" to their levis. This is usually done by adding in 1 titan or 200 cruisers, or 10k fighters, depending on what works best in the situation. Usually, 1 titan is the best option. You will lose the titan, so don't add more than 1...but it will save you from losing a leviathan in most situations where otherwise you would have just barely lost one. And which is better? Losing 50k in fleet, or 200k in fleet? Hmmmmmm....

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