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    Standardised Building Scheme - Guide


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    Standardised Building Scheme - Guide

    Post  Xeni on Mon May 10, 2010 8:25 am

    this standardized building scheme is great for free accounts and will work nicely as a starting point for upgraded accounts.

    the following has been tested on a Rocky moon (a good type of astro for any account especially if you only pick astro one per region) with area 75, solar energy 4, fertility 5 and was easily made with turrets to the standard in the Defense Standards thread.

    every base should have the following on it as a standard set of structures.

    12 Metal Refineries
    8 Robotics Factories
    (on a metal 3 you can remove these and build 6 extra metal refineries this will add 18 too construction/production (instead of 16) and free up 2 area)
    5 Nanite Factories
    5 Android Factories
    8 Shipyards
    (can be downgraded too 6 all you loose is a little production and frigate/ion frigate/outpost ship can help on a research/economy base for the extra 2 area)
    10 Spaceports
    10 Command Centers

    that is 58 area with just these.
    78 energy.
    58 population.

    68 total economy (doesn't include the trade routes).
    if you have energy 20 researched all 4 energy structures will give you 8 energy output on that assumption you need roughly 10 (4 energy assumed) energy structures.
    generally your base should be on a Fertility 5+ astro and you will need roughly 12 urban structures.
    this brings your total used area too 80.
    if you got an arid tundra or gaia moon your in luck no need to use one of your precious terraforms yet anything else you will have used atleast 1 on these structures alone, planets have roughly 10 more area than moons, now if you used an asteroid all your space is gone along with 3 terraforms.

    the next lot you need your terraform and multi-level platforms as space will be low. 5 terraforms add 25 area, 5 multi-level platforms add 50 thats a grand total of 75 area.


    20 Shipyards (total)
    1 Orbital Shipyard
    8 energy structures
    3 urban structures

    area total now is 103.
    82 total economy

    24 research labs
    8 energy structures
    5 urban structures

    area total now is 117.
    68 total economy

    economy (finding an astro with 2 or 3 in crystal is the best thing for this if you cant get one carry on with just production bases as they can make a high econ too)
    5 economic centers
    20 spaceports
    10 crystal mines (max these out for more econ)
    8 energy structures
    5 urban structures

    area total now is 105
    123 total economy (crystal 2)
    133 total economy (crystal 3)

    all of the above variations can be built on a Rocky moon with area 75, solar energy 4, fertility 5 with economy/production using 5 terraforms and 1 multi-level platform, the research using 5 terraforms and 2 multi-level platforms.

    once you have your bases setup or know you have free area left over you can put 5 economic centers and 20 spaceports on all bases this will give your total econ a boost for the base and also allow you to have more trades improving your empire income.

    this is the point where you say but what about orbital bases and antimatter plants why not use them?
    well if you keep antimatter plants for PRings at energy 24 tech you can build 1 antimatter plant for 1 PRing and orbital bases you can use for when you build multi-level platforms.

    defenses can be build just as easy with the above layouts aslong as you don't storm ahead leaving your defenses till the last moment upgrade them as soon as you research them (remember fleet is NOT defence).
    since i done the above for structures i ill do the same for defenses. as above a Rocky moon with area 75, solar energy 4, fertility 5 is the astro for this. energy tech 24 is quite easy to get by level 20 if you push for it and a reminder it will double your energy output for every base.

    20/20 turrets
    2 energy structures
    1 urban structures

    area used 7

    10/10 turrets
    1 energy structures
    1 urban structures

    area used 4

    10/10 turrets
    2 energy structures
    1 urban structures

    area used 5

    10/10 turrets
    2 energy structures
    1 urban structures

    area used 5

    5/5 turrets
    2 energy structures
    1 urban structures

    area used 4

    5/5 turrets
    1 antimatter plant
    1 urban structures

    area used 2

    even with their areas used being high, combinations of turrets will use less area due to excess in either population or energy. also the large amount of area that is used by an ion/photon/disruptor/DSheild combination is worth it in the end when you get PRings/PSheilds up you can downgrade them and you will have an instant load of area with population and energy ready for use.

    yup i like putting the color there it breaks up the large wall of text, if you are unable too read this version due too the color i can message you it in-game.

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