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    Basic Mobile Fleet, The Perfect 100K Fleet.


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    Basic Mobile Fleet, The Perfect 100K Fleet.

    Post  Stryder on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:21 pm

    Mathematically, the most effective all purpose fleet has the following ratios:

    Fighters 28

    Corvettes 8

    Destroyers 5

    Cruisers 5

    Heavy Cruisers 1

    This means if you want 100k in general fleet, you should have:

    Fighters: 1400

    Corvettes: 400

    Destroyers: 250

    Cruisers: 250

    Heavy Cruisers: 50

    With this fleet composition you will have a total of 14800 points of armor and 14800 points of firepower at base values (not taking tech into consideration). There is literally no other combination of ships that you could spend 100k on to get you this level of both firepower and armor simultaneously. This fleet is a true multi-tasker, you can take down other fleets with it or use it to hit bases as part of your alpha strike (explained later). Though these are not the only ships you should build....but this fleet comp is the backbone of your armada, as you can see in the guide above you should have other ships as support units for special occasions and drops but you will find this well rounded fleet to be the one of choice more often than not.

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