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    Fortress Base

    Post  Stryder on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:42 pm

    Fortress bases are slightly different from the other base types because they don't add significant amounts to your game. Their sole purpose is to protect your fleet when you are away from keyboard.

    Bear in mind that the key to fortress bases are Command Centres. The more you have the better. With 15 CC's people will think twice before they attack, so build 20.

    You will start with a 3 metal rating moon or planet.

    [metal robot shipyard]x7
    [metal robot shipyard nanite]x4

    You should have at this point:
    Metal 15
    robot 11
    shipyard 11
    Nanite 4

    Build 8 CCs
    Build lvl 3 photon
    [metal robot shipyard nanite]x2
    [metal robot shipyard nanite android]x3

    you should have at this point:
    Metal 20
    robot 16
    shipyard 16
    Nanite 9 (5)
    Android 3

    Build 7 CCs
    Build 3 disruptors

    --Free accounts stop here and try and get your P defences up ASAP

    [metal robot shipyard nanite android]x4
    [metal robot shipyard orbital shipyard nanite android]x1

    you should have at this point:
    Metal 25
    robot 21
    shipyard 20
    orbital shipyard 1
    Command Centers 15
    Nanite 14
    Android 8

    Start building Planetary defences and Jumpgates.

    Remember, Command Centres are key. Also you will want at least 4 levels of Planetary Rings, 4 Levels of Planetary Shields, 4 levels of Disruptor Turrets. 3 or 4 levels of Ion Turret wouldn't hurt either.

    Once you have all of the above then build some Spaceports and Eco Centres. If you have space.

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